Wellness Momentum: Grief & Loss

Recommendations from Jacqueline Hope Derby for further reading or study.

Session 1: The 100 Coins of Energy (Feb. 20th)


Website: Association of Professional Chaplains

Session 2: The Hurricane of Grief: In the Storm (Feb. 27th)


Session 3: The Hurricane of Grief: After the Initial Storm (Mar. 6th)


Session 4: Our Bodies, Our Healing (Mar. 13th)


Website: Decolonizing Fitness

Authors/activists/humans whose work invites is to listen to our body’s wisdom and honor the wisdom of others. Read their books and look for them on Instagram:

  • Dr. Kira Banks
  • Dr. Shamell Bell
  • Diane Bondy
  • Austin Channing   BCPL Catalog
  • Christena Cleveland   BCPL Catalog
  • Rev. Dr. Monica Coleman
  • Marci Evans
  • Ginny Jones
  • Christy Harrison
  • Trista Hendren
  • Blair Imani
  • Rev. Dr. Jacki Lewis
  • Jeffery Marsh
  • Alisha McCullough
  • Matt McGorry
  • Alok V. Menon aka Alok Vaid-Menon aka ALOK
  • Dr. Jennifer Mulian
  • Anna OBrian
  • Sonalee Rashatwar
  • Shishi Rose
  • Linda Sarsour
  • Jessamyn Stanley
  • Sonya Renee Taylor   BCPL Catalog
  • Dr. Laura Thomas
  • Rozella Haydee White
  • Dr. Joshua Wolrich

Session 5: Using Active, Curious Love to Heal (Mar. 20th)



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