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BCPL’s Book News & Reviews Blog

  • BEST OF 2017: Our Favorite Nonfiction for Adults

    The books considered for our 2017 nonfiction list ran the gamut—from intensely personal memoirs to true crime investigations, travelogues, ethnographic studies, historical biographies, science texts, and even cookbooks. But even in examining all of those topics, nonfiction is an extensive and wide-ranging category to cover. For example, it’s difficult to directly compare the merits of […]

  • BEST OF 2017: Our Favorite Fiction for Adults

    This past year, our committee has traveled from magical lands in the Middle East and medieval Russia to the haunted landscape of modern America. We’ve journeyed across time and space and continents, reading stories that are stunning in their eye-opening realism and others that have taken us on a fantastical adventure. We read many magnificent […]

  • BEST OF 2017: Our Favorite Books for Teens

    In a year that the new John Green book doesn’t make our Best of the Year list, you know it was a great year for Young Adult literature. In fact, there were so many additional books we loved this year, that we can’t resist also adding a Honorable Mentions list! The 2017 committee includes: Chris, […]

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