Learn a Language

Bonjour! Bienvenue à BCPL!

That's French for Hello! Welcome to BCPL! You don't have to go to school to learn simple dialog in a different language. Your library has several resources available to help you prepare for speaking in another country's native tongue. Whether you need a small grasp of inquiries for travel or an in-depth course to make you fluent for more career opportunities, we can help you with that!

Audiobooks & DVDs

BCPL's catalog includes many language-learning sound and video recordings, as well as nonfiction resources like dictionaries. Audio resources are available in both physical CD format and through our online partners in e-format.

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Learn Online

  • kanopy logo


    Kanopy offers a unique and extensive collection of indie flicks, world cinema, classic films, and award-winning documentaries. Plus, enjoy celebrated educational series like NOVA, Ken Burns America, and The Great Courses and explore educational videos covering Business Skills, Dance, Engineering, History, Photography, Religion & Philosophy, Sports & Fitness, and more. Instructional video topics range from refrigeration and air conditioning to first aid and therapeutic massage. There are even curated collections for educators and students that provide lessons in mathematics, languages (including ESL), and science!

  • Mango Languages

    Learn a new language on your computer or with the Mango app. Includes Portuguese, Japanese, German, Greek, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, ESL (Spanish, Polish, Portuguese), and more.