Our collection of Music CDs grows every month here at BCPL. If you're in the mood for a little Beyonce or Maroon 5, we've got the discs you need!

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BCPL’s Music Resources

  • Hoopla

    Hoopla is a streaming video, music, e-book, and audiobook service bringing thousands of movies, TV shows, full music albums, and audiobooks directly to your computer or mobile device—with instant, simultaneous access and NO WAITLISTS or late fines, ever! Plus, with the recent addition of Highlights for Children, Hoopla now offers digital magazines!

Music Guides

All Music Guide


National Jukebox - Free streaming audio of historical recordings, including blues, classical/opera, ethnic music, jazz/ragtime, musical theater, and traditional/country music as well as a large selection of religious and spoken word recodings.