Request a Book Bundle

Book Bundles include 3–5 handpicked books (plus movies!) on a shared topic along with fun activities or prizes to keep with each bundle. Bundles are available for readers of all ages.

Each bundle is carefully chosen by library staff and will be checked out to your library card for 21 days; you will be contacted when your Book Bundle is ready for pickup.

  • Children’s book bundles include FIVE titles.
  • Book bundles for tweens, teens, and adults contain THREE titles.
  • You may also opt to add DVDs or Blu-rays to your bundle.

Looking for great books on your favorite topics? Simply fill out this form, and our staff will curate a collection of age-appropriate materials based on your reading or viewing preferences. The more information provided, the more customized your bundle will be. Please allow 3–5 days for a response to your request.

  • This field is required so that we can prepare your request. You will be contacted when your Book Bundle is available for pickup.
  • Please choose the category that best applies to both age and reading level/interest.
  • DVDs or Blu-rays will be in addition to the 3–5 books included with your bundle.