Strategic Planning

Strategic Agenda | 2019–2024

In 2018, Bullitt County Public Library underwent its first official strategic planning process to form and articulate its mission, vision, values, and strategic goals. This was a thorough process that included input from staff and the Library Board of Trustees alongside community leaders, library patrons, and volunteers. The resulting Strategic Agenda will guide the Library’s effort to use its resources and opportunities for the maximum benefit to the community.

Please note: Due to the necessary shift of focus during the height of the pandemic, the original time frame for this plan (2019–2022) was extended in March 2022.

Download the Strategic Agenda (PDF)


We empower our community through free and open access to relevant, informative, and engaging resources and services.


We envision an interconnected community in which every person experiences an enriched quality of life.

Core Values

  • Adaptability
    We are outwardly focused, service-oriented, and staffed by continuous learners.
  • Accountability
    We are an interdependent team holding ourselves mutually accountable for delivering results that are relevant to our community’s needs.
  • Equality
    We welcome all with the same measure of respect, warmth, and acceptance.
  • Integrity
    We embody these values in every aspect of our operation, building personal and institutional bridges which facilitate productive, trusting relationships.

Strategic Steps

  1. Focus on early childhood literacy to improve kindergarten readiness.
  2. A community model for the purposeful use of new technologies.
  3. Multi-generational programs designed for relevance and impact.
  4. An exceptional network of individual and community connections.
  5. A physical network of accessible, up-to-date service locations.
  6. An organizational infrastructure aligned with strategic priorities.


Facilities Master Plan | 2016–2040

As the population and needs of Bullitt County grow and change, it is the duty of the Library to respond by expanding its services and physical spaces. This document will serve as a guide for assessing the need for facility improvements and/or additions, along with the capital investments required to implement them and the ongoing funds to operate them, so that we may continue to meet the needs of the community for decades to come.

Download the Facilities Master Plan (PDF)