Library Pathfinders

Library Pathfinders are lovingly crafted by BCPL's reference librarians to bring you suggested reading, browsing, and viewing options. We do our best to choose topics YOU enjoy and most often request. Our goal with pathfinders is to bring you a world of suggested media right at your fingertips on subjects you care about.

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Most Recent & Popular Guides

  • Do-It-Yourself: Auto Repair, Maintenance, Restoration

    Lots of people own cars, but what do we really know about the upkeep? There’s a ton you can do yourself to save on cost. So, our reference team has compiled a list of BCPL resources and websites that can help you repair, restore, and maintain your wheels. Plus, pick up a few cool books on the history and evolution of vehicles – perfect for the car enthusiast!

  • Job Seeker Resources

    Our BCPL reference staff are always on hand during normal Library hours to assist you with your job search, whether it’s through researching available jobs, creating your cover letter and resume, or answering your questions about the interview process. We’ve also compiled this handy brochure of books and websites you can check out to help you in your search.