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Library Pathfinders are lovingly crafted by BCPL's reference librarians to bring you suggested reading, browsing, and viewing options. We do our best to choose topics YOU enjoy and most often request. Our goal with pathfinders is to bring you a world of suggested media right at your fingertips on subjects you care about.

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Best Books & Awards Pathfinders

25 Best First Lines from Novels (American Book Review)

Caldecott Medal Winners 1938–2016

The New Classics (Entertainment Weekly's list with Tracy's additions)

Subject Pathfinders

Annual Beach Reads

2017 Summer Beach Reads

2016 Summer Beach Reads

2015 Summer Beach Reads

2014 Summer Beach Reads

2013 Summer Beach Reads

2012 Summer Beach Reads

2011 Summer Beach Reads

2010 Summer Beach Reads

2009 Summer Beach Reads

2008 Summer Beach Reads

Annual New Year, New Goals, New Books

New Year, New Goals, New Books 2013

New Year, New Goals, New Books 2012

New Year, New Goals, New Books 2011

More Subjects

9/11 Remembered (revised August 2015)

Beyond Harry Potter: Wizards, Spells & Magic

Books With Bite!: Vampire & Werewolf Books for Teens & Tweens
(revised 2014)

Books With Bite! 2 (revised 2014)

Civil War (revised 2011)

DIY: Weddings (created Feb. 2016)

Downton Abbey

Drive Time


Erin Go Bragh (formerly Get Your Irish Up!; revised 2013)

Fractured Fairy Tales (revised Dec. 2016)

Graphic Novels for Adults (revised Jan 2015)

In the Garden

The Kennedys (revised June 2014)

Kentucky Frontier (revised July 2013)

LOST with a Good Book

Love Stories (revised 2014)


Mistletoe Mysteries (2008)

More Mistletoe Mysteries (2012)

Mistletoe Mysteries 2016 (created Dec. 2016)

Oh, the Places You Can Go!

Out of Africa

A Passage to India (revised Sep 2014)

Royal Wedding

Song Books (revised May 2014)

Sports Gear

Spy Stories (revised Jan. 2016)

Steampunk (revised March 2016)

World Cuisine