The Library Book By Susan Orlean

Andrew says:
A must read for bibliophiles. The author uses the unsolved LA Central Library fire of 1986 to examine the role of books and libraries on her life and their role in the larger society.

Lightning in a Bottle: A One Night History of the Blues

Tracy says:
This special one-night-only celebration of the Blues features incredible live appearances from the likes of Keb’ Mo’, Buddy Guy, Mavis Staples, India.Arie, Macy Gray, John Fogerty, Bonnie Raitt, Steven Tyler & Joe Perry, the Neville Brothers, Robert Cray, Alison Krauss, B.B. King, and others—all interwoven with behind-the-scenes moments, historic video clips, and reminiscences. There are so many standout moments, but both musical perfomances from Angélique Kidjo—“Zélie,” a traditional African chant, and Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child”—were downright jaw-dropping.

National Treasure

Cheryl says:
Nicholas Cage and his cohorts use The Declaration of Independence and other important artifacts from the Revolutionary War to hunt for a magnificent treasure. This movie is fun and exciting for the whole family.

Woman Walks Ahead

Donna says:
This movie shows some of the hardships women have faced. One woman braved the old west, and showed the world what she was made of.

Legendary by Stephanie Garber

Stephanie says:
Where reality and fantasy walk too close to know which is which, Legendary will keep you guessing. Who is Legend and why has he created this game? You’ll soon find out!

The Address by Fiona Davis

Cindy says:
An architectural forerunner of it’s time, The Dakota Building, slowly slipped from its beginnings in the 1800’s to present day, 1985. The family who now stands to inherit The Dakota learn all about the deep dark secrets of the building and its former residents. So much history, twists and turns, I loved this book.

Lies by T.M. Logan

Susan says:
I love psychological thrillers and this debut novel did not disappoint. Just when I thought I knew what was happening, the ending really shocked me. The suspense was really intense!

Rust & Stardust by T. Greenwood

Cindy says:
It happens every day yet horrifying to even imagine. Young girl kidnapped , abused in so many ways while kept hostage. Her only saviors being a few special people who became friends along her way, always looking to be saved by her mother.

Crafty Llama by Mike Kerr

Stephanie says:
Llama likes to knit for her friends, and soon the whole forest is busy crafting gifts for each other, all except beaver. Beaver doesn’t want to do anything that’s not useful. Soon, Beaver and Llama discover just how useful creating can be.

Rainbow by Kesha

Jill says:
Kesha’s struggles to release this album have been well-documented; the music her fans have waited so long for does not disappoint. It is powerful, and the themes of letting go of the past and finding strength within yourself have resonated strongly with me.


Strays Like Us by Cecilia Galate

Monty says:
Well written story of an angry 12 year old girl who must go into foster care where she meets a wonderful lady who helps her overcome some of her issues. The story is about family, love, friendship, and devotion.

A Quiet Place

Lindsay says:
This film will keep you at the edge of your seat, and the quietness of the film just adds to the intensity.

Tiffany says:
This is easily the best horror movie that I have seen in years.

First Reformed

Donna says:
This movie makes you think about issues in a way that you ordinarily would not. It is engrossing, while at the same time made in such a way that some may perceive to be slow moving. I enjoyed the contrasts.