#TTW18: Libraries Are for Creating…

Get ready to make, create, and experiment!
Our annual Teen Tech Week celebration has arrived. Teen Tech Week is when libraries across the county make time to showcase all of the great technology resources and services that are available to help teens succeed in school and prepare for college and beyond.

#TTW18 Events: March 4th–10th

Anime Gaming Night

Tuesday, March 6th |  4:00–7:00 PM @Mt. Washington

This month’s AGN is all about the tech! Featuring technology and sci-fi themed anime, tech-themed games like RoboCraft on STEAM, our newest 3D pens, and our Raspberry Pi retro gaming console—which was originally created by one of our library teens! Plus, teens will have the opportunity to print projects on our 3D printers and to explore their digital passion projects on library gaming laptops, now loaded with a growing collection of software!

Pop-Up Makerspace

Thursday, March 8th | 4:00–6:00 PM @Lebanon Junction

Drop in to make and create with our 3D printer, Snap Circuits, Brain Flakes, and more! Plus, play and experiment with a variety of software—Happy 3D (3D design), Roblox (game development), Audacity (podcasting), and more!—on our library gaming laptops.

Minecraft Meetup

Thursday, March 8th | 4:00–6:00 PM @Ridgway Memorial
Saturday, March 10th | 1:00–3:00 PM @ Hillview

This month’s meetup with emphasize engineering and creation using the redstone circuitry makerspace map. Plus, gamers can enjoy our Minecraft-themed stop motion kit, our Cubelets robotics kit, indie game development with Roblox, a variety of engineering kits, and more!

Teen Lounge

Tuesday, March 6th | 3:00–6:00 PM @Hillview
Wednesday, March 7th | 3:00–6:00 PM @Hillview
Thursday, March 8th | 3:00–6:00 PM @Hillview

Hang out, geek out, and mess around with library gaming laptops and a variety of technology and engineering tools. Tweens and teens are encouraged to have fun and explore with a variety of tools and supplies we’ll have on hand, but each Teen Lounge day has a theme of its own! Tech Tuesdays feature our 3D printers and pens, Makerspace Wednesdays emphasize a variety of creative and engineering kits, and Thursdays offer a teen-choice movie.

More Suggested Activities & Resources

Online Learning Tools

Treehouse is an online video and interactive learning platform that specializes in teaching people of all ages how to design and develop websites and mobile apps. Tracks include web development, web design, iOs and Android app development, WordPress development and design, game development, and various programming languages, including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. Find out more and request access at https://bcplib.org/treehouse/.

Suggested Reading List

BOMB by Steve Sheinkin
View in catalog | KLU E-book | KLU E-audiobook
The real life story of the race to create the world’s first atomic bomb.


View in catalog | Hoopla E-audiobook | KLU E-book | KLU E-audiobook
A memoir of a Malawian teen who used science books in his village library to piece together a working windmill from scrap metal and spare parts. The windmill brought electricity to his home, effectively saving his family from starvation.

FEED by M.T. Anderson
View in catalog | KLU E-book | KLU E-audiobook
In Titus’s world, people connect to the internet via an implant in their brains. During a party on the moon, a hacker breaks into the feed and causes their implants to malfunction. Add a cute girl who lives without the feed, and you get a witty satire of a futuristic dystopia.

GIRL CODE by Andrea Gonzalez and Sophie Houser
View in catalog | KLU E-book
This clever memoir tells the story of two ordinary teens who became world-famous after the video game they created went viral. More than just an inspiring story, Andy and Sophie offer tips and encouragement for all girls interested in science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

ILLUMINAE by Amie Kaufman
View in catalog | KLU E-book | KLU E-audiobook
Two evil corporations go to war over a tiny planet, and teenage hacker Kady finds herself on a warship where the AI might be her enemy and the people in charge won’t admit what’s going on.

LITTLE BROTHER by Cory Doctorow
View in catalog | KLU E-audiobook
Techno-geek Marcus spends his time bypassing the “system,” and he’s good at it. When a major terrorist attack on the city causes the Department of Homeland Security to cease control and set up intrusive surveillance, Marcus decides it’s up to him to take down the government.

READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline
View in catalog | KLU E-book | KLU E-audiobook
Set in an ugly dystopian future, Ready Player One tells the story of teenager Wade Watts, a gamer obsessed with a virtual utopia where hidden clues promise fame and fortune for the person smart enough to unlock them.

WARCROSS by Marie Lu
View in catalog | KLU E-book
A teenage hacker earns money chasing down people who illegally bet on the international virtual game “Warcross.” When she accidentally glitches herself into the game, the game’s creator reaches out to her with an offer she can’t refuse.


More Books + Movies

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