Fine Forgiveness February

Fine Forgiveness image

Fine Forgiveness February is back from February 1st–29th!

Do you have a pile of library books from years ago stuffed into the back of your closet? Or maybe you checked out a stack of movies, brought them back a week late, and just couldn’t face the overdue fines that racked up while you weren’t paying attention. Please don’t let those things keep you from the Library! Now is your chance to start fresh, with no late fines on your account and no judgment from us.

Every year, we bring you Fine Forgiveness February so that you can start the year off right at BCPL.  Throughout the month of February, no new charges will be accrued on overdue items as long as they are checked in before 5:00 PM on Friday, February 20th! We hope this will alleviate some of the worry that may occur throughout the month due to winter weather and road hazards.

Even better, we will also waive any pre-existing fines on your account as long as the items have been returned. If you have overdue items or fines already charged to your account, we WANT to forgive them! So bring all those long overdue items back to your favorite BCPL location, stop by the circulation desk, and request that your fines be waived. As long as your items are returned—no matter how long you’ve had them!—we’ll clear your account.

Psst… Did you know that BCPL no longer charges late fines on youth materials?! This means that borrowers of any age can check out books and audiobooks from our children’s, junior, and YA collections and they will NEVER be charged late fines on those materials—or any fines, so long as the items are returned undamaged. If you have pre-existing overdue charges for youth materials on your account, you can have those charges waived at any time.