4/9/19 Mobile Printing

We finally have a designated Mobile Printing page on our website. This page includes directions and links for all of the available remote printing options, and it is accessible from the Copies, Faxes & More page of our website (under Services) or from the HOW DO I..? feature at the bottom of the homepage. The direct URL is bcplib.org/services/faxes-copies-more/mobile-printing.

3/13/19 Strategic Planning Page

We have a new Strategic Planning page on our website. This page can be accessed from the About Us sidebar and/or from the footer located at the bottom of our site. Content includes a quick overview of our Strategic Agenda, a PDF document, and our Facilities Master Plan. The direct URL is bcplib.org/about-us/strategic-planning.

1/30/19 Library Stories Page

A new Library Stories page has been created on our website. This page was created to supplement to Joe’s latest Director’s Note and to provide a space for patrons to share their library success stories and feedback. If you are aware of a particularly inspiring story or patron accomplishment related to the use of BCPL resources, services, programs, etc., please encourage the affected patrons to share their stories! A powerful story straight from the public is worth far more than what we can tell patrons on our own! The direct URL is bcplib.org/stories, and this page will also be featured prominently on our website homepage (in rotation with other news) and through other channels as the opportunity arises.

2/14/18 Digital Only accounts now active

The new Digital Only account registration form is now live on our website. Digital Only accounts will be managed at our LJ location. If you have questions, please ask your manager.

Patrons can find the Digital Only sign-up link on our Borrowing FAQs page. If you are unfamiliar with accessing the Borrowing FAQs page, you (and patrons) can find it under the Check It Out menu, in the sidebar on any of the Check It Out section pages, or via the Get a Library Card link in the How Do I? widget at the bottom of our homepage.

11/3/17 – Welcome to the New Staff Access!

This page will operate pretty much the same as the Staff Page on the old website. If you have questions or if there is information you would find it helpful for me to include on this page, please let me know! –Tracy