Land Purchased for New Main Library in Shepherdsville


Bullitt County Public Library purchased 5.42 acres near the Lowes in Shepherdsville to build a new main library.

“…In an action firmly rooted in our Master Facilities Plan that was released in September of 2016, the Library purchased a large lot on Conestoga Parkway in Shepherdsville for a future building project. The lot is in a busy area with far more traffic and visibility than in our current location, and we feel that we negotiated a good cost per acre based on comparable sales in Shepherdsville on lots that are not within the floodplain. This decision was difficult and was not made lightly. Ridgway Memorial Library, as much as we love it, has many shortcomings: parking spots can be hard to find; the building is not large enough to house all of the most important departments centrally; the structure itself is in need of some major repairs that would require months of work and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix; the lot is landlocked; and the Library does not own the lot. In the end, the Library made the decision that would provide the most future flexibility, enhancing our ability to grow with Bullitt County and doing so with the utilization of existing reserve funds.”

— Joe Schweiss,
Library Director