Job Seekers’ Packet

This comprehensive yet accessible 19-page PDF has a wealth of information and advice for the job seeker. Contents include:

    • Filing for Unemployment Benefits in Kentucky
    • Tips for Job-Hunting Success
    • How to Fill Out an Online Job Application
    • Résumé Elements & Guidelines
    • Determine Your Skills
    • Importance of Keywords and Action Verbs
    • Résumé Styles
      • Sample–Chronological Résumé
      • Sample–Functional Résumé
      • Sample–Combination Résumé
    • Tips for Writing a Cover Letter
      • Sample –Cover Letter
    • Job Interview Tips
    • Free Job Training Resources
    • Job Searching Online
    • Networking
    • Résumé Worksheet

Download the Job Seeker’s Packet here (updated April 2022) »