Summeruest Ocaeans of Possiblities

Get ready to dive in for our annual SummerQuest celebration! Join us for Oceans of Possibilities—an exploration of exciting discoveries, marvelous stories, and water-themed adventures.

YOUR 2022 SummerQuest challenge!

For toddlers–elementary school ages:

  1. Starting June 1st, pick up your SummerQuest kids' challenge card and stickers at a BCPL location near you.
  2. Register for the 2022 SummerQuest Challenge when it opens in Beanstack. This will earn you a badge in your Cultural Pass Challenge AND give you access to some bonus SummerQuest activities through the summer.
  3. Complete any 8 activities on your challenge card and mark them on your scorecard with the stickers provided.
  4. Return your completed challenge card no later than July 31st and receive your SummerQuest fanny pack and sunglasses to continue your adventures.

For middle school and up (including adults):

  1. Starting June 1st, pick up your SummerQuest teen/adult challenge card at any BCPL location.
  2. Visit a BCPL branch near you at least 8 times by July 31st and get your card punched when you leave. One visit per day—and yes, it counts if you brought your kids!
  3. On your 8th visit, you earn a beautiful beach towel of your choice!
  4. Youth ages 21 and under can also earn a Cultural Pass badge by registering for the 2022 SummerQuest Challenge in when it opens in Beanstack! Registered SummerQuest participants can record their summer visits there too.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about SummerQuest 2022 coming later this May!