Say Goodbye to Late Fees!

No more late fees! Late fees are so 2019…

In December 2018, we eliminated overdue fines on all youth materials. Then at the start of the pandemic in early 2020, we suspended late fees altogether.

Now we’re making it permanent!

Effective immediately, BCPL no longer charges fees for late materials. All pre-existing late fines are also forgiven. Simply bring your materials back. Patrons are still responsible for replacement fees if items are lost or damaged.

Why have we eliminated fines?

We believe no one should be denied access to library materials based on their ability to pay fines. Eliminating late fees removes an access barrier to ensure all BCPL patrons can explore, learn, and enjoy equally.

Plus, studies show that eliminating fines encourages patrons to return overdue materials—making them available for others to borrow once again!

Wait… Does that mean I can just keep all the things?

Materials will still have a due date when you check them out, but you will now have up to THREE opportunities to renew items* as long as they haven’t been requested by someone else. If an item reaches 45 days overdue, patrons must either renew or pay a replacement fee; otherwise, patrons will be suspended from checking out additional material until the overdue items are returned.

*Please note, some items, including Blu-rays, DVDs, and Playaway Launchpads, are not renewable.

When will the charges be removed from my account?

Overdue fees should already be cleared from your account, but if we missed something on your account, let us know. If items were not returned, your account will still have charges for the lost item(s). Simply bring your “lost” materials back to the library and all fines will be forgiven.

Has your library card expired?

You can visit any BCPL location to get your account updated or even request a renewal online! If you don’t have a library card, you can apply for a Digital-Only account online or drop by any of our five neighborhood locations to sign up for a full-privileges account.

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