Adventures in Coding with Lexi & Kathryn

Teen programmers Lexi and Kathryn decided the pandemic was the perfect time to give coding a try! To get started, they explored the free Code at Home Activities from Girls Who Code. For their first project, they selected one of the “unplugged” activities for learning binary code.

Lexi sums up the experience here:

This Girls Who Code at Home project was a great way to step away from my computer for a few minutes while still learning something new about the technology I use every day. 

I like that they give you everything you need for the activity including a printable bracelet and poster, and I thought it was very cool that they highlight the women in tech related to each project. So much information that I didn’t know! I had a lot of fun figuring out the binary code for my name and drawing out the design. Does it remind anyone else of the doors from Monster’s Inc.?

Kathryn’s take:

Making this poster was a great way to do something hands-on and crafty, while still feeling like I was learning! I definitely recommend doing this if you have a little bit of free time. 

I just did my name, but spelling out a message could be super fun! It’ll teach you a lot about binary code, and a lot about women in technology. I’m excited to try the actual bracelets once I can get my hands on some cute beads! 




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