Ridgway Memorial Renovation

In 2006, construction began on the Ridgway Memorial Library addition/renovation project. The cost of the building and furnishings was approximately $2.1 million. The library operated out a temporary facility off Cedar Grove Rd.

Mt. Washington Snapp Street Location Opens

Construction began in 2002 on a new Mt. Washington Branch Library, located on Snapp Street about a block from its former location. The grand opening for the new 6,000-square-foot building was held on September 29th.


In 1997, the Library website at www.bcplib.org was launched!

In March, the Ridgway Memorial Library was once again threatened by flood waters when the Salt river reached within 2.5 feet of the building.

Public Internet Access

In 1995, the Library began using a computer system to check out books and other materials to patrons. In July, public internet access was introduced at BCPL.

Computer-based Catalog Introduced

The paper-based card catalogue was closed and the Library’s computer-based PAC (Public Access Catalogue) system became fully operational.


By 1983, the Library was in the red for the first time since the North Bullitt dedication. The Lebanon Junction Branch Library building was expanded, and Mt. Washington got additional shelving.

Friends of the Library

By 1981, a Friends of the Library group was organized. Mt. Washington Branch Library was moved again.

House Bill 44

On January 31, 1979, House Bill 44 passed and taxes were held up six months. For the first time, the Library had to borrow money to continue.

North Bullitt Branch Library

The North Bullitt Branch Library in Hillview, which cost $195,400, was dedicated on Sunday, March 13th, 1977.

New Shepherdsville Branch Approved

In 1971, the library board approved construction of a new 8,000-square-foot facility in Shepherdsville. The Library Services Construction Act funded 62% of the project.

Lebanon Junction Bookmobile Established

Following a successful petition drive in 1967, Bullitt County Fiscal Court established the library taxing district under KRS 173.720. The Lebanon Junction Branch Library was opened as a bookmobile.

Flood at Ridgway

In 1964, flood waters invaded the Ridgway home and everything had to be moved.

Ridgway Memorial Library Dedicated

In 1963, Dr. and Mrs. Sam Ridgway donated a home to be used as the Ridgway Memorial Library. Contributions from the Bullitt County Women’s club and donations raised by a citizen’s group headed by Billy Horrell funded the library project. After spending $3,000 on renovations, the building was dedicated on July 21.

Library Legally Established

In 1961, the Shepherdsville library moved to a small building behind Pike Law Office. There were two floods, one of which forced the books to be moved to Roby Elementary. In April, the library was declared illegal. The Bullitt County Fiscal Court legally established the library under KRS 173.310 and contributed $42,000.

Library Funded

In 1957, the Bullitt County Fiscal Court and the Board of Education each designated $500 annually to fund the library.

The State of Kentucky Establishes Bookmobile Program

In 1954, the state of Kentucky began its Bookmobile Program. In Bullitt County, the Homemaker’s Association asked fiscal court members for funds to establish a library. Using state funds and donations, the Bullitt County Library was established. A bookmobile took books to various areas across the county and the First Baptist Church in Shepherdsville donated a room for daily use.