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  • On Writing

    Often touted as the definitive bible for the aspiring author, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King offers a clever, quirky insight into King’s life and processes. Along the way, he also gives inspiration and encouragement for writers interested in following in his footsteps. Our BCPL reference team put together this writing themed pathfinder to help you find the best books and resources on the craft we have to offer.

  • Personal Finance Resources

    Most everybody has to understand how to handle finances at some point in life. So if you’re ready to get your finances in order, our BCPL reference staff has created the right pathfinder for you. This compendium of books and websites will help you gain control of your finances, prepare for unexpected expenses, and help you get on the path to financial well-being.

  • Poets & Poetry

    Poetry is one of the rawest forms of literary expression, which means reading poems can often seem like a glimpse into the window of the poet’s mind and soul. The poetry lovers here at BCPL have gathered together this pathfinder to guide you into the world of poets and poetry.

  • RBdigital

    RBdigital features an easy-to-use website and platform, making download and transfer to portable devices even easier! Plus, all audio content is now iPod compatible. A valid library card is required for use.

  • ReferenceUSA

    ReferenceUSA is a powerful online reference and research tool providing library cardholders instant, real-time access to accurate, in-depth information on U.S. businesses and U.S. residents.

  • Science Fair Projects

    Is it time for your yearly science fair project? We have the resources you need to research and create your best project ever! Our reference staff created this handy pathfinder to help you navigate the interesting waters of science. Don’t forget — your BCPL staff is always available to help you, too!

  • Small Business Reference Center

    The Small Business Reference Center is EBSCOhost database specifically for small business owners and aspiring owners. The site offers a multitude of articles and videos regarding planning and starting a business (or non-profit); the basics of running a business and keeping it relevant in an ever-changing climate; information on legal issues, marketing, and taxes & accounting; as well as start up kits and forms to help you from your first steps into business to your last.

  • Small Engine Repair Reference Center

    Offers assistance in providing routine maintenance (tune-ups, brake service) as well as extensive repairs (engine and transmission disassembly) for small engine such as those for boats, lawnmowers, and tractors. Search by product type, brand, model/engine type, specific area of model/engine type, and model numbers.

  • Treehouse

    Treehouse is an online video and interactive learning platform that specializes in teaching people of all ages how to design and develop websites and mobile apps. Tracks include web development, web design, iOs and Android app development, WordPress development and design, game development, and various programming languages, including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. Courses are taught through short videos, with quizzes, code challenges, and other activities to help reinforce new skills and concepts. Their Career Program serves as a “guided tool to help you prepare for a new job in technology.”

  • True Crime

    Delve into the mystery of true crime cases and the criminals behind them with our BCPL reference staff’s True Crime pathfinder. These books and movies take a look inside some of the most heinous crimes in history.

  • Ultimate Teen Booklist 2016

    Our intention with this list is to provide a guide to some of the best and most enduring literature written for teens, as well as highlight adult and classic titles with special teen appeal. Plus we couldn’t resist sneaking in a few of our own personal favorites just for fun!