Congratulations to the 2015 Fall Giveaway Winners!

Thanks, everyone, for your patience waiting for me to announce the winners of our latest giveaway. I was out of town when the contest ended, and it’s been a busy week since my return. But now the winners have all been notified via e-mail so… *Drumroll, please*

  Mary G.-  After the Red RainThe Dead House
  Dawn O.- FishbowlDead Wake
  Devin S.- Illuminae, Another Day, Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly
  Sarah J.- Anna and the Swallow Man, The Madman of Piney Woods, Sleeping Giants
  Karen- Sleeping Giants, Dear Killer
  Greg N.- Blood Guard, The Glass Gauntlet

  Marie W.- Deceptive, Currents
  Rebecca S.- The Beekeeper’s Ball, The Game of Lives
  Denise- Everything Everything, Drift & Dagger
  Misty J.- Truly, Madly, Famously, The Road to You
  Trish C.- Unforgiven, The Traitor
  Darlene H.- A Memory of Violets, Empire of Night
  Tiffany B.- The Court of Fives, The Crossover
  Miss L. Spooky- Slade House
  Tiffany H.- The Haunting of Sunshine GirlLove by the Morning Star
  Laura D.- Those Girls, Diamond Boy

As to the Last-Chance Giveaway that has become a traditional bonus for these winner announcements… This time around, I decided to try something a little different. We had a few participants with incomplete entries, so in thanks for their efforts I decided to offer them first crack at the unclaimed titles. However, if we still have leftovers later, there may still be a Last-Chance Giveaway later this month. And then when spring rolls around (which can’t be soon enough for me), be sure to watch for our next giveaway opportunity here at Book News & Reviews!

Source: Book News and Reviews