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Piano Lessons

The library offers free beginning piano lessons to patrons ages 9 and up!
Get personalized, one-on-one instruction from BCPL librarian and Oberlin Conservatory of Music graduate
Patrick Yaeger over the course of three 45-minute lessons. Lessons are offered on Wednesday or Saturday afternoons, according to timeslot availability and student convenience.

Topics covered may include identifying and navigating the piano keys, piano fingering exercises,
understanding basic musical notation on the grand staff, and reading simple piano music.

Piano Lessons @ the Library (image)

Upcoming Lesson Schedule:

There are currently no timeslots available.

Please note: Access to a piano or keyboard for practicing is not a requirement but is HIGHLY DESIRABLE in order for meaningful progress to be made.

Registration is currently CLOSED.
Questions? E-mail teen.adult1@bcplib.org or contact Patrick at 543-7675 ext. 2554

Last updated 7/21/14