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Author Faire

Join us for our 6th annual author showcase, where we bring area authors & readers together!

Where: Ridgway Memorial Library
When:  Saturday, October 14th  10:00 AM–3:00 PM

Schedule of Events

10:00–11:00 AM

Opening Lines Workshop with Leah Pugh | Details

11:15 AM–1:00 PM

Author Readings (reading schedule TBD)

1:00–2:00 PM

Author Lunch Break (select booths will remain open)

2:00–3:00 PM

Translating Pop Culture into Sellable Books Workshop with Bertena Varney | Details

Confirmed Authors

Kristine Adams author photo

Kristine Adams   Website

Kristine Adams lives near enough to the Ohio River to hear barge traffic. She presents lively, engaging workshops in memoir (across five states) and has a novel underway. Her work appears in Family Stories from the Attic, published by Hidden Timber Books.

Nonfiction Anthology: Stories From the Attic (2017)

Heather Marie Adkins author photo

Heather Marie Adkins   Website

Heather Marie Adkins writes too much but still too little. She also has too many cats, not enough tequila, and a torrid love affair with procrastination. She is the USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty novels. Heather resides in north-central Kentucky with a sarcastic cop who is entirely too dependent on puns. When she’s not plotting her next story or herding felines, she works at the library. Find out more at heathermarieadkins.com.

Contemporary Fiction: Cause & Effect (2011), Constant State of Disaster (2011)

Horror: May I Go Play? (2015)

Mystery: The Darkest Night (2012), Mother of All (2014)

Paranormal Romance: The House (2011), Abigail (2011), His Haunting Kiss (2014), Heaven Below (2014), Wiccan Wars (2015), His Wild Kiss (2015), Forgotten (2016), Priestess Prophecies (2017)

Short Story Anthologies: Pieces: A Collection of Short Fiction (2015), Jingle Spells (2016), A Midsummer Night's Sidhe (2016)

Urban Fantasy: Underneath (2011), Stalked by Night (2011), Saffron (2014), Frankincense (2015), Haunted by Fate (2017), Fragile Magick (forthcoming, 7/18/17), Shadow Touched (forthcoming, 9/19/17) 

Trails Through the Fault Lines

April Brown   Website | Amazon | Blog | Twitter

April Brown's fascination with history, science, and social science led her on a quest for knowledge. New solutions to old queries will be uncovered in the future, through studies of the past. These novels and novellas, while adventures, are written in a more classical style, without extreme action, romance, or violence. Characters think before they act. Sometimes, this leads to trouble.

Abuse/Survival Fiction: The Stork Mis-Delivered—Twice (2017), Bending the Bars (2017)

Adventure Fiction: Crosswinds: Past, Present, and Future Combine (2014), Trails 1: Trails Through the Fault Lines (2014), Trails 2: Trails Through the Volcano (2015), Trails 3: Trails Through the Tales (2015), Trails the First Generation: Fault Lines and Volcano (2016, ombnibus), Trails 4: Trails Through the Garbage Mines (2016)

Cookbooks: Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Cookbook (2014); Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Desserts and Grains (2014); Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Meat (2014); Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: Vegetables (2014)

Paranormal: Life After Life: Three Paranormal Short Stories (2016)

Self-Help: Journey Through Life Lists (2016), VoiceOver with the Brailliant Braille Display (2016)

Duffy Brown author photo

Duffy Brown   Website | Facebook

Duffy Brown loves anything with a mystery. While others girls dreamed of dating Brad Pitt, Duffy longed to take Sherlock Holmes to the prom. She is a national bestselling author and now conjures up who-done-it stories of her very own. She has two series, the Consignment Shop Mysteries set in Savannah along with rescue pup Bruce Willis and the Cycle Path Mysteries set on Mackinac Island with judgmental cats Cleveland and Bambino.

Cozy Mystery:
Consignment Shop Mysteries- Iced Chiffon (2012), Killer in Crinolines (2013), Pearls In Poison (2014), Demise in Denim (2015), Lethal in Old Lace (May 2018)
Cycle Path Mysteries- Geared for the Grave (2014), Braking for Bodies (2016), Tandem Demise (November 2017)

Belinda G. Buchanan author photo

Belinda G. Buchanan   Website

Belinda G. Buchanan creates stories that deal with very personal and social issues: alcoholism, mental illness, adultery, and domestic abuse as well as some other taboo subjects. You will find that the characters in her novels are not perfectthey are far from it, actually, because even heroes have a chink or two in their armor. A native of Kentucky, she currently resides in Taylorsville with her husband, two sons and a menagerie of animals.

Mystery: The Monster of Silver Creek (2011), Tragedy at Silver Creek (2015)

Women's Fiction: After All Is Said And Done: A Novel of Infidelity, Healing, & Forgiveness (2011), Seasons of Darkness (2013)

Ryan Clark author photo

Ryan Clark   Website

Clark has spent most of his life telling stories, whether in newspapers and magazines, on websites and blogs, or in the marketing departments of companies and universities. He is now a writer and instructor at Xavier University in Cincinnati. A former Cincinnati Enquirer reporter and columnist, he's authored or co-authored a handful of books, including Wrestling Reality: The Life and Mind of Chris Kanyon and 100 Things Wildcats Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die. He graduated from Western Kentucky University and is currently pursuing a Master's in Education from the University of Kentucky. He lives in northern Kentucky with his wife, two children, and two cats.

Sports Nonfiction: Game of My Life: Kentucky (2007, reprinted 2012),Wrestling Reality: The Life and Mind of Chris Kanyon, Wrestling's Gay Superstar (2011) 100 Things Wildcats Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (2012),Tales from the Kentucky Wildcats Locker Room (2013),The Kentucky Wildcats Fans' Bucket List (2015), Fightin' Words: Kentucky vs. Louisville (2016)

Photographical History: Northern Kentucky University: A Panoramic History (editor) (2015)


Meghan Colvin

Meghan lives in Ohio with her husband and three sons. She spends her days hiding from dinosaurs, avoiding volcanic lava, and being rescued from the ever impending shark attack. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, was a Developmental Therapist for First Steps for 5 years, and owned and operated a licensed daycare before moving to Ohio.

Children's Picture Book: Edison's Tackle Box (2016), Edison's Overnight Bag (2017), Edison's Backpack (forthcoming September 2017)


John C. Colyer   Website

A published author and poet, a military serviceman (1975–1987), and a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, John Charles Colyer was born on March 14, 1957 in Somerset, KY. He has a passion for poetry and began writing poetry at the age of ten with the dream of becoming a published author. He carried that dream over a span of 40 years; the dream eventually became reality and he now has seven books published.

Historical Fiction: The War Is Over (2016)

Poetry Collections: A Gun and the Cross (2013), Then the Darkness Comes (2013),The Darker Side of Life (2013), By the Gun (2014), Echoes of the Past (2014), The Sound of Loneliness (2015)

Vivian Ward Crump author photo

Vivian Ward Crump   Twitter

Vivian Ward Crump is a retired teacher residing in Shelbyville, Kentucky. While following her passion for writing, she has published two young adult books set in her hometown in Eastern Kentucky, Lingering Soul of the House and Stranger Neighbor. She is currently working on the final book of the Lingering trilogy, The Lingerings.

YA Paranormal Romance: The Lingering Soul of the House, Strange Neighbor (2016)

Linda Ellen author photo

Linda Ellen   Website | Facebook

Linda Ellen writes Early 20th Century historical romance, rich with true love, heartache, and real life. Born and raised in Louisville, she resides there with her husband of 36+ years. She began her writing career penning articles for The Southwest Reporter Newspaper. She has published two novel series so far, Cherished Memories and Soldiers of Swing. Her award-winning debut novel, Once in a While, is loosely based on her parents’ romance beginning in the 1930s.

Historical Romance:
Cherished Memories series- Once in a While (2014), The Bold Venture (2015), Almost as Much (2016)
Soldiers of Swing series- Her Blue-Eyed Sergeant (2016), Her Blue-Eyed Corporal (2017), Her Blue-Eyed Lieutenant (2017)


Michael Embry   Website

Michael Embry is the author of seven novels, three nonfiction sports books, and a short-story collection. His eighth novel, Darkness Beyond the Light, will be published November 1st. He lives in Frankfort, KY.

Contemporary Fiction: The Touch (1998), The Long Highway (2002), Foolish Is the Heart (2004), Laments: Short Stories (2012), Old Ways and New Days(2015)

Mystery: The Confidential Man (2009)

Young Adult Fiction: Shooting Star (2011), The Bully List (2013)

Ann H. Gabhart

Ann H. Gabhart   Website | Facebook

Ann H. Gabhart is the bestselling author of many novels, including her popular Harmony Hill Shaker series as well as historical novels like Angel Sister and Love Comes Home (2015 Selah Book of Year) and cozy mysteries written as A.H. Gabhart. Her current release, These Healing Hills is set in the Kentucky Appalachian Mountains. Ann and her husband enjoy country life in Kentucky. Find out more about Ann at her website, www.annhgabhart.com.

Christian Fiction: Scent of Lilacs (2005), Orchard of Hope (2006), Summer of Joy (2007)

Christian Historical Fiction:
The Outsider (2008), The Believer (2009), The Seeker (2010), The Blessed (2011), Angel Sister (2011), The Gifted (2012), Christmas at Harmony Hill (2013), Small Town Girl (2013), Love Comes Home (2014), The Innocent (2015), These Healing Hills (2017)

Cozy Mystery: Murder at the Courthouse (2015), Murder Comes by Mail (2016), Murder Is No Accident (2017)

Middle-Grade Fiction: Freak of the Week (2016)


Ren Garcia

Ren Garcia is a science fiction/fantasy author and Texas native who grew up in western Ohio. He has been writing since before he could write, often scribbling alien lingo on any available wall or floor with assorted crayons. He attended The Ohio State University and majored in English Literature. Ren has been an avid lover of anything surreal since childhood; he also has a passion for caving, taking pictures of clouds, urban archeology and architecture. He lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and four dogs.

Memoir: 10 Weeks at Chanute (2017)

Science Fiction:
Sygillis of Megatron (2009), The Hazards of the Old Ones (2011), The Dead Held Hands (2012) The Machine (2013), The Temple of the Exploding Head (2014), Sands of the Solar Empire (2014), Against the Druries (2015), The Shadow Tech Goddess (2015), Stenibelle (2015), The House of Bloodstein (2016), The House of Bloodstein, Mentralysis (2017), The 6th Turn: Kat (2017)

Janet Givens author photo

Janet Givens   Website | Facebook

When her three children were toddlers, Janet Givens found a fun way to teach them colors using a quirky pelican she made from fabric. Peggy Pelican was then packed away as she raised her children and worked for 25 years as a kindergarten assistant at Bullitt County Public Schools. After retirement, Janet found that much-loved pelican and all the stories she had created and believed other families could use the stories to teach their children. So Peggy Pelican, who never grew old, was given new life and new purpose for another generation of children. It is Janet's hope that your little ones will curl up in your lap and find it fun to learn with Peggy Pelican.

Children's Picture Books: Peggy Pelican Goes Fishing (2016), Peggy Pelican Lost Her Spots (2017)

Billy Green photo

Billy Green   Amazon

Billy, originally from Lumberton, NC, retired from the Air Force in 1988 and settled down in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky. His call is to encourage, and God has given him these books to share with a troubled world. His desire is to be a blessing, and he has penned 3 books—Kiss and Tell Your Story, That's All I Needed!, and As Seen on F.B. They are inspirationally written and offer hope and peace.

Inspirational Nonfiction: Kiss and Tell Your Story (2014), That's All I Needed! (2016), As Seen on F.B. (2017)

Kenn Grimes author photo

Kenn Grimes   Website

Kenn Grimes is an author and screenwriter with four published books to his credit: Camptown (out of print), The Other Side of Yesterday, Strangled in the Stacks, and Trifecta of Murder. He splits his time between Louisville, Kentucky in the winter and Lower Northern Michigan in the summer. He is a member of Louisville’s Cherokee Round Table and two writer’s groups in Michigan, Michigan Writers and Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors.

Cozy Mystery: Strangled in the Stacks (2016), Trifecta of Murder (2017)

Time Travel Fiction: The Other Side of Yesterday (2012)

T Lee Harris book cover

T. Lee Harris

T. Lee Harris is a scribbler of the lowest order. Not only does she pen lies about people who don't exist, she draws pictures of them, too. Harris, in the guise of publisher with Per Bastet Publications, aids and abets others by putting their scribblings into book form; even devising covers for many of those tomes. She claims she went to school to learn these things, but that shouldn't be held against anyone.

DETECTIVE/NOVELLA - Winter Wonderland (2015)
HISTORICAL - The Eloquent Scribe (2016)
HISTORICAL/STORIES - Three Tales of the Cat

PARANORMAL - Chicago Blues (2013), New York Nights (2014)
SPY - The Case of the Moche Rolex (2017)

James-book cover

Carlton James   Facebook | Twitter

Carlton James is an attorney and retired FBI Special Agent. After growing up in the Midwest, James has lived and traveled extensively throughout the Northeast Corridor. Following college, law school, U.S. Army Officer training, and a thirty-one-year career in intelligence, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and public corruption, he was inspired to write a novel addressing the realistic potential future of America. James lives in the Midwest and enjoys motorcycling, multiple sports, and flying airplanes.

Political Thriller: The First Coronation (2016)


Sherry Logsdon   Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Sherry Logsdon and her husband live in Eastview, Kentucky. The mother of three grown children, Sherry earned a bachelor's degree in Exceptional Children and a master's degree in Counseling from Western Kentucky University. A retired teacher, Sherry enjoys researching insane asylums and the suffrage movement. She also enjoys writing poetry and spoiling her four grandchildren.

Historical Fiction: Asylum (2014)

C.E. Martin author photo

C.E. Martin   Website

USAF Veteran and retired criminal investigator C.E. Martin lives in the American Midwest with his wife and two daughters, embellishing accounts of paranormal happenings he personally experienced or heard about over his career to create over-the-top tales of two-fisted Pulp action. When not writing or spending time with his family, C.E. can be found binge-watching sci-fi series and modern B-Movies, battling virtual villains on X-Box, or biding his time until the next trip to the gun range.

Supernatural Military Thriller: Mythical (2012), Brothers in Stone (2012), Blood and Stone (2012), Shades of War (2013), Black Knight Down (2013), Armageddon Z (2013), Seven Deadly Sons (2014), Terrorcota (2014), Pale Horseman (2014), A Lucky Day to Die (2014), One Dark Step (2015), Winters Fury (2017)

Short Story Collections: Elemental Warfare (2014), A Cold, Dark War (2016), Outlaws of Olympus: Revelation (2017)

Shadow Raiders (2016)

Supernatural Thriller: Spectral Ops (2016)

Raven Moon author photo

Raven Moon   Website | Facebook

Raven Moon was born in southern Indiana, where she still resides. Raven published her first novel, Destiny of the Witch, in 2015. Raven loves dragons, old movies, bonfires, and stargazing. Raven’s other passion is crafting. She is currently writing the second and third novels in the series.

Parnormal Romance: Destiny of the Witch (2015), Diary of a Witch (2017)

Tony Nalley author photo

Tony Nalley   Website

Tony Nalley (1966–presently and pleasantly above ground) was born and raised in Bardstown, Kentucky to Tom and Libby Nalley. Tony is a single father who has raised his son on his own since his child was 3 years old. They've had a dog named Brownie, shared a cat named Blackie, but haven't as of yet figured out what to call the white cat. When Tony was nine years old, he recorded his grandfather telling "ghost stories" on a cassette tape recorder (which was high technology at the time, knowing that one day he would transcribe those stories into a book for others to enjoy. Tony lived his life and raised his family, and in the spring of 2010 he began writing the first in his epic trilogy called "The Stone of Blood." The author takes the reader on a journey through the pages of his life, along the streets of his hometown and on to the very hardwood floors where he once listened to his grandfather's tales for the very first time.

Poetry & Reflection: Remember to Breathe Books I, II & III

Supernatural Mystery: The Stone of Blood

Other Works: Shameless: A Collection of Moments

Mysti Parker author photo

Mysti Parker   Website
also writes as Misty Baker   Website

Mysti Parker is an award-winning author and shameless chocoholic. She writes romance for every reader's taste from super sweet to scandalously spicy. When she's not writing the next best-story-ever or tackling the endless mountain of laundry, she works as a freelance copywriter and editor. Mysti resides in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband, three children, and too many pets.

Romance: A Time for Everything (2015), The Roche Hotel (2014–2016), Mann Cakes (2017)

Children's Picture Books: Quentin's Problem (2016), Fuzzy Buzzy's Treasure (2016), Dinosaur Zoo (2016), A Home for Rosie (2016)

Leah Pugh author photo 

Leah Pugh   Facebook

An avid reader, Leah started writing stories at a young age. After publishing a few short stories and an article, she had her first novel, The Diamond Caper, published while still in college. The first story in the Crystal O'Mally mystery series was followed by the sequel, Anything But A Diamond. She is currently working on the third book in the Crystal mystery series. In between writing novels, she enjoys taking walks, playing with the puppy, and reading.

YA Fiction: The Diamond Caper (2012), Anything but a Diamond (2015)

Katheryn Ragle author photo

Katheryn Ragle   Facebook

Author/Publisher Katheryn Ragle, lives in Somerset, Kentucky. She's an active Writing Resident Teacher at the Carnegie Community Arts Center in Somerset. Katheryn helps others to fulfill their dreams of becoming a published author at Gibson-Ragle Publishing. She's an avid reader and loves writing. She has published eight books and is working on more to be out soon. Katheryn Ragle has helped many authors to get their books out to the world. Everyone has a story that starts at home.

Children's Fiction: Too Short to Ride (2017), A Winter's Week with Grandma (2017)

Mystery: The Trinket Box (2014), Secrets of Winston's Mountain (2014), Danger in the Night (2017)

Paranormal Suspense/Horror: The Bad Man (2015)

Romance: A Time to Dance (2017), A Time to Cry (2017)

Kyle Alexander Romines book cover

Kyle Alexander Romines   Goodreads

Kyle Alexander Romines is a teller of tales from the hills of Kentucky. He enjoys good reads, thunderstorms, and anything edible. His writing interests include fantasy, science fiction, horror, and western. Kyle's debut horror novel, The Keeper of the Crows, appeared on the Preliminary Ballot of the 2015 Bram Stoker Awards in the category of Superior Achievement in a First Novel. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville School of Medicine.

Horror: The Keeper of the Crows (2015)

Science Fiction:
The Chrononaut (2016)

Suspense/Thriller: A Sound in The Dark (2017)

Jen Selinsky author photo

Jen Selinsky   Facebook

Jen Selinsky was born in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2003, she earned her bachelor's degree in English from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. In 2004, she earned her master's degree in library science from the same school. Jen has worked as a professional librarian for over twelve years. She has published more than 170 books, many of which contain poetry. Her work can be found on the following sites: Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords, Pen It! Publications, and Books-a-Million. She has also been featured in publications such as: The Courier Journal, The News and Tribune, Explorer Magazine, Liphar Magazine, and Indiana Libraries. Jen lives in Sellersburg, IN with her husband.

Adult Coloring Books: Dazzling Designs (2017), Shapely Features (2017)

Biography & Memoir: First Generation Abroad (2006), Reach up for the Sunrise (2016)

Children's Picture Books:  Bunny's Song (2016), Runaway Choo-Choo (2017), Tails of Boots and Alley (coming soon)

Cookbooks: Delightful Desserts (2016), Exquisite Entrees (2017), Appealing Appetizers (2017)

Christian Fiction: Forgiveness Lies Beyond (2011)

Epistolary Fiction:  A Year in the Life of Emilie Jones (2008)

Romance: Madness (2008), Springtime in London (2012)

Teri Anne Stanley author photo

Teri Anne Stanley   Website | Facebook

Teri Anne Stanley writes sassy, sexy, fun romance from her writing cave where she lives with her patient husband and many pets—and the occasional offspring—just outside of Sugar Tit, Kentucky, which is—honest to God—between Beaverlick and Rabbit Hash. When she's not making up stories about happily ever afters, she's doing lots of other stuff—like science, needle arts, genealogy research, or making visits with her therapy dog, Stella.

Contemporary Romance: Drunk on You, Bourbon Brothers Book #1 (2015); Accidentally in Love with the Biker (2016); A Shot with You, Bourbon Brothers Book #2 (2017); A Taste of You, Bourbon Brothers Book #3 (2017)

Romantic Suspense: Deadly Chemistry, Sex, Lies and Science Geeks book 1 (2014)

Bertena Varney author photo

Bertena Varney   Website | Website

Bertena Varney spent her collegiate career studying the supernatural in her history, mythology, sociology, and criminology classes. She would find any way to include vampires, angels, and more into anything that she did. Her favorites studies were pop culture and mythology. She completed her academic career with a BA and M.Ed. in Social Science and Education and an MA in sociology and criminology. She is currently the associate professor of sociology at Southcentral Kentucky Community College in Bowling Green, where she teaches specialty sociology classes such as Harry Potter and Social Inequality and The Sociology of Comic Books. She also incorporates vampires, serial killers and other pop culture topics into her other classes.

Nonfiction/Pop Culture: Lure of the Vampire (2011, 2014), Vampire News Volume 1 (2012), Vampire News Volume 2: The (Not So) End Times! (2013), Vampire News Volume 3: Really...Vampires Suck (2014) Introduction to Vampires Course (2015)

Other Nonfiction: Healing with the Archangels: Angel Reiki Course Book (2015); Reiki, Meditation, and Yoga Journal (2017)

Anthologies: Vampires Romance to Rippers Volume 1 (2013), Vampires Romance to Rippers Volume 2 (2014)

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