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Library Policies

Operational Policies

Confidentiality, Open Records...
Incident Reporting
Personal Social Networking & Online Accounts
Posting of Public Notices...
Material Selection Policy
Temperature of Buildings

Personnel Policies

Anti-Bullying Policy
Bereavement Leave
Classifications & Salaries
Disability Program
Dress Code (for Employees)
Employee Files
Emergency Closing and Delayed Opening
Family Medical Leave Act Leave
Fundraising in the Library
Hiring & Firing
Internet & E-mail Use
Leave of Absence
Maternity Leave
Misc. Staff Policies
Opening Duties
Overtime & Compensatory Time
Performance Improvement
Personal Social Networking &  
        Online Accounts
Personal Time
Recruitment & Hiring
Schedules, Breaks & Attendance
Scholarship of MLS
Serving on Committees
Sexual Harassment
Sick Leave
Staff Development
Substance Abuse and Testing
Time in Position Policy
Timesheets & Payroll
Travel and Meal Expenses
Unacceptable Conduct
Vacation Leave
Vacation Leave Scheduling
Voluntary Separation
Whistleblower Policy
When Only Two People Are Working

Public Policies

Borrower's Policy
Check Out to Agencies
Computer Lab Use Policy
Conference Room Use
Copy and Fax Services/Copyright Law
Courthouse Check Outs
Dangerous Weapons on Library Property
Friends Overdue Policy
Genealogy/Local History Research Policy
Interlibrary Loan Policy
Library Card Eligibility
Library Fees
Lost Book Policy
Meeting Room Use Policy
Outdoor Spaces Policy
Overdue Materials Policy
Public Attendance of Meetings
Public Internet Access Policy
Reference Check Out Policy
Rules of Conduct
Smoking & Tobacco Use Policy

last edited 3/12/15