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BCPL Book Picks for Juniors & Young Adults

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All The Truth That's in Me (book cover image) ALL THE TRUTH THAT'S IN ME by Julie Berry
In an unidentified world that evokes the New England Puritan settlements of the 17th century, a teenager who mysteriously disappeared from her community only to return years later with part of her tongue cut out is looked at with fear and suspicion. But now that invaders threaten her community, Judith must find the courage to face the past and make her silenced voice. Poetic and gorgeously written, this is a stunning, romantic mystery.
Charm and Strange (book cover image) CHARM & STRANGE by Stephanie Kuehn
Strange, beautiful, and unsettling, this story is told from two directions. In the present, Win is a weird, bitter loner at a Vermont boarding school who believes there is a wolf inside him struggling to break free. In the past, Win is ten years old and goes by a different name—Drew. Slowly, the two separate narratives merge; along the way, the reader becomes completely immersed in piecing together the mystery of Win and his past. 
Navigating Early NAVIGATING EARLY by Claire Vanderpool
Reality and imagination overlap in expected ways in this epic, Odyssey-like adventure set in the aftermath of World War II. Jack and Early have both suffered recent losses, but through strange encounters with pirates (sort of), hurricanes (sort of), and buried secrets discovered along the Appalachian Trail, they come to a new understanding of one another, themselves, and the people they love.
Counting by 7s COUNTING BY 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Willow Chance has a tough time making friends, but at least she’s always had the support of her parents… until everything changes. Luckily, an odd assortment of characters—including her sad-sack counselor and a Vietnamese family living below the poverty level—are there to help her. In turn, Willow changes their lives as well. This transformative story about loss, community, and resilience is both heartwarming and surprisingly funny.


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