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November 12, 2002



††††††††† The Bullitt County Public Library Board of Trustees met Tuesday, November 12, 2002, at the Lebanon Junction Library. Those present were Donald Cobb, Joyce Manning, Randy Matlow, Brenda Roberts, Dolorse Ashby, Pam Polston, and Nelda Moore. Donald Cobb called the meeting to order at 5:50 p.m.

††††††††† The minutes of the last meeting were read. Brenda Roberts made the motion to accept the minutes as written. Joyce Manning seconded the motion. The motion carried.

††††††††† The treasurerís report was given. We are awaiting a final bill on the Mt. Washington Library.Once it is received, it will be paid. Questions were answered about some of the checks written. It was noted that the water fountain from the old Mt. Washington building, is being put in the Lebanon Junction branch by Mr. Saltsman. Dolorse Ashby made the motion to accept the treasurerís report. Pam Polston seconded the motion, The treasurerís report will be filed for audit.

††††††††† Regional Directorís Report:

††††††††† Nelda Moore gave a list of meetings that would be coming up in November including a directors meeting. A meeting had been held at the Mt. Washington branch and everyone was very complimentary on the new library.

††††††††† Library Directorís Report:

††††††††† The first item on the agenda was passed on since Joan Webb did not come to the meeting.

††††††††† The second item, Mt. Washington: they have started working on the exterior sign, but the city of Mt. Washington has a sign ordinance. By the end of today, we had verbal approval to go ahead with the sign and the permit fee will be paid by the sign company.

††††††††† John Spainhour has been working with Randy on the wording for the sealed bid form, along with suggestions by Mr. Givhan. An example of the bid form we could use was passed out. To get the maximum number of bids we have 2 payment options. The first payment option is to have it due in 30 days, or the library would carry the financing for 3 years at 8% interest. Randy checked with the auditor who felt there would be no problem for the library system to finance the loan. Questions were asked: 1) if we carry the financing do we have any liability? No. 2) If the person reneges on the loan?We get the building and property back along with the 20% down payment we will ask for and any payments made by the winning bidder.3) What is a general warranty deed? It means the title to the building is free and clear.

††††††††† The main room is being painted currently and the room will be cleaned. There are shelves remaining, if anyone is interested be at the old Mt Washington branch on Sunday at 1:30 p.m.


††††††††† We will advertise the acceptance of bids in the Courier Journal and the Pioneer News. We will accept bids from November 14, through December 6th.Brenda Roberts made the motion that we accept the Absolute Auction Invitation for Sealed Bids as worded.Dolorse Ashby seconded the motion. The motion carried.

††††††††† Randy passed out an Activity Summary form that shows an increase in all the libraries new patrons with the most activity seen in Mt Washington. People are enjoying the new building.

††††††††† A copy of an editorial article from the Courier Journal was passed around. It included a note that stated Bullitt County has just built a new library in Mt Washington.

††††††††† Lebanon Junction is currently the smallest library in the system. It has a friendly atmosphere and they are getting ready to start weeding out some of the material to make more room on the shelves for easier accessibility. The branch heads are currently rotating, and Mary likes the additional room she is seeing on other branch shelves. Randy would like to continue looking for land for a new LJ branch, that could be built on later. The question was asked if having the increased in hours have increased patronage? Randy stated it was too soon to tell but he has been hearing positive comments about the hours, and people do appreciate them.

††††††††† Randy would like to suggest having a fine amnesty this December. This is not something that is done every year but would be a good community friendly act.Brenda made the motion to have a fine amnesty in December, with patrons returning their overdue books and donating canned food instead of paying a fine. Dolorse Ashby seconded the motion and it carried.

††††††††† The Chamber of Commerce is putting out a new county map and they are selling advertising space on it. The maps will be found at the Chamber of Commerce and at the Tourism office. The maps are also used in packets sent to people who are thinking of moving to the county. Dolorse Ashby made the motion that we put an ad on the County side of the map for $299. Brenda Roberts seconded the motion.The motion carried.

††††††††† Randy has found a database that has scanned images of genealogy books and census information on it. The name of the database is Heritage Quest. The cost is $940 and we could use the interest from the money that was left to the library for this. It will have nationwide census information that a patron could access easily. Joyce Manning made the motion to purchase the contract to use this genealogy database. Pam Polston seconded the motion and it carried.

††††††††† In the past if a patron lost a book they were charged a $10 processing fee and the cost of replacing the book. Randy would like to propose a revision that we charge the patron retail price of the book and stop the fines when the patron informs the library that it is lost. Brenda Roberts made the motion to accept proposed revision.Joyce Manning seconded it and the motion carried.

††††††††† Bill Saltsman is out again. The doctor wants additional physical therapy treatment, and he will be out approximately 2 weeks. We have a dormant assistant custodial position in our budget. This person would be utilized to do cleaning and deliveries, but not any maintenance.They would be a helper to Mr. Saltsman. A job description was passed out; it would be 11-14 hours a week. Randy wants approval to hire someone, if it is warranted.

††††††††† The library home page hits are increasing.


††††††††† Wireless update:Radio station 103.5 gave us permission to use their tower for $200 a month. Publishers Printing will put up a tower behind Jim Beam Company in Clermont.We are planning a small tower and they are planning to build a $30,000 cell tower that they will sell space on. Towers at Mt Washington and Dorothea Stottman will be started as soon as the construction man comes back from Florida. The LJ tower can be put on city hall or on the community house that Publishers Printing owns.

††††††††† At 6:25 p.m. Dolorse Ashby made the motion to adjourn the meeting The motion was seconded by Joyce Manning and the motion carried.The meeting was then adjourned.

††††††††† The next meeting will be January 14, 2003, at 5:30 p.m. at Ridgway Memorial Library.


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