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BCPL Science Lab

General Science

American Museum of Natural History Presents OLogy
Choose an "ology" and explore. Includes archaeology, astronomy, biodiversity, earth, Einstein, genetics, marine biology, paleontology, water, and zoology.

Online Conversions

Frank Potter's Science Gems

Cool Science for Curious Kids

Activities and games from the PBS TV show.

Exploratorium Science Museum online.

Mad Scientist Network

Magic School Bus
Take a bus tour to learn about space, the human body, dinosaurs, insects and more.

Science Explorer
Cool science experiments to do at home.

Sports Science

Thinking Fountain
Tons of ideas, activities, and other resources.

The yuckiest site on the internet. Visit Roach World or Worm World,  ask worm reporter Wendell science questions, or find out more about the gross and cool body. There are also lots of fun and yucky games.

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Animal Science

Animal Planet

ASPCA's Animaland
Careers, pet care, activities and general information.

Dinosaur Eggs Museum


Discover Chimpanzees (Jane Goodall Institute)

Endangered Species

Going Bug-gy!

Grolier Online Kids
Click on "Amazing Animals of the World."

Monarchs and Migration

National Geographic Kids: Amazing Animals

National Wildlife Federation KidZone

Roach World

When Crocodiles Ruled (60 Million Years Ago)

Wildlife Conservation Society

Worm World

Zoom Dinosaurs

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Earth Science & Chemistry

Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions?


Chemical Elements

FEMA for Kids Homepage

Ocean Life

Periodic Table of Elements

Volcano World

Volcanoes Online (Thinkquest)

Ways of Knowing Trail
Take an environmental adventure through the Ituri Forest in central Africa.

Weather Watch

Web Weather for Kids
Weather games, facts and experiments.

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Health Science

Body and mind information and activities from the Centers for Disease Control.

Guided Tour of the Visible Human

Healthy Teeth

Human Anatomy Online

Kid's Health

Neuroscience for Kids
Experiments and activities about the senses.

Smoking Stinks!

The Surgeon General's Report for Kids about Smoking

Your Gross and Cool Body

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Inventions & Technology

18th Century Inventions: A Timeline
The spinning jenny, steam engine, submarine, and flush toilet are just a few inventions of the 18th century.

19th Century Inventions: A Timeline
The saftey pin, typewriter, and sewing machine were invented this century!

20th Century Inventions: A Timeline
Crayons, airplanes and tea bags were invented in this century!

Building Big
Explore construction with David Macaulay.

Celebrating 100 Years of Flight
On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright flew a man-powered aircraft for the first time. Now you can take off on a discovery of man’s attempts to fly. Presented by Scholastic.

Famous Hispanic Inventors
Biographies of famous latin or hispanic inventors from the latin world: Narciso Monturiol, Ellen Ochoa, Baruj Benacerraf, Carlos Finlay, Bernardo Houssay, Luis Federico Leloir, César Milstein, Severo Ochoa de Albornoz, Santiago Ramón y Cajal and Miguel Servet.

Invention Dimension
Read about the "inventor of the week" at this MIT site.

Inventors Museum
The "google" of invention sites - read more about women inventors, African-American inventors, colonial inventors and more.

National Inventors Hall of Fame
The National Inventors Hall of Fame celebrates the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of great inventors.

Robotics - sensing-thinking-acting
A behind-the-scenes peek at the design and operation of robots.

Create a model out of digital soda straws and animate it.

The Top Ten African American Inventors

Women Inventors
Read biographies of famous female inventors, like Mary Anderson who invented the windshield wiper!

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Science Fair Projects

Science Fair Project Resource Guide (Internet Public Library)

Science Fair Central at discoveryeducation.com

YES Mag Science Projects
Projects from the Canadian science magazine for children.

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Space and Space Travel

Aviation through the Ages (Thinkquest)

Curious about astronomy? Ask an Astronomer

Galileo: Journey to Jupiter

Life on Mars: Explore Planet Mars

Mars Pathfinder

Moon Shadow: Solar Eclipse

NASA: Challenging the Space Frontier

NASA Image eXchange

NASA Kids' Club

NASA Space Place

National Geographic: Exploring Space

Other Worlds: The Search for Extrasolar Planets

Space Weather: What's Happening in Space Today

Star Child:A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

View of the Earth from a Satellite

Views of the Solar System

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last updated 2/24/09