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A New Way to Read the Magazines You Love

Flipster banner
Flipster is a next-generation magazine service that lets users browse digital versions of the latest issues of popular magazines for free, courtesy of the library. Flipster offers convenient access and a user-friendly reading experience. Magazines can be read online with your computer, smartphone, or tablet or downloaded to your mobile device for offline access. Browse our Flipster e-magazines now»

Introducing Hoopla!

Hoopla Digital
Hoopla is a streaming video, music, e-book, and audiobook service bringing thousands of movies, TV shows, full music albums, and audiobooks directly to your computer or mobile device—with instant, simultaneous access and NO WAITLISTS or late fines, ever! You can also download titles to your mobile device with the Hoopla Digital app for offline access when you're on the go. Set up your account now!
  •  BCPL cardholders in good standing may check out up to 12 items from Hoopla each month. Monthly checkouts reset on the first day of every month.
  • Checkout periods are as follows:
    Audiobooks: 21 days
    E-books & Comics: 21 days
    Movies & TV: 3 days (adult-card status only)
    Music: 7 days

last updated 1/17/2017